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One more thing.  Those of you that have an item on the list (and those that are adding items) - please send me a 1-2 sentence explanation that we can use as a description.


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Date: Thu, 12 May 2011 01:46:58 +0100
Subject: [Mpi-forum] MPI 3.0

At the MPI forum meeting this week we decided to accelerate the release 
of MPI-3.0, and have a follow on MPI-3.1 when the more complete set of 
features is available.  Currently, nonblocking collectives and MProbe 
have already been voted in.  We have created a list of features that may
 be ready for first reading at the next couple of meetings, which will 
be used to determine the gating factors for the MPI-3.0 release.   Here 
is the list we generated:

  - RMA
  - FT stabilization
  - Fortran bindings
  - MPI-T
  - Neighborhood collectives
  - Const
  - MPI Count
  - Nonblocking collective I/O
  - Hybrid: Shared memory communicator
  - Hybrid: Threads

   - Hybrid: Endpoints

If people want to add more to this list, please let me know by end of the day Friday, 5/13/2011.

 we have the complete list, each eligible organization should vote for 
it's top three features, with respect to MPI-3.0.  An organization is 
eligible to vote, if someone from that organization has participated in 
person at one or more meetings in 2011.  The vote will take place 
5/14-20/2011, and the top three items will be what gate the release of 
MPI-3.0.  To vote, a representative of the organization should e-mail 
BOTH Jeff Squyres and myself with your vote.  Other items that are voted
 in before 3.0 is final, will also be included.  For MPI-3.1, we will 
change our process a bit, but that is still under discussion, and will 
be the subject of a future e-mail discussion.

The eligible organizations include:
 - ANL 
 - Bull
 - Cicso
 - Cray
 - Fujistsu
 - HDF
 - HP
 - IBM
 - Indiana U.
 - Intel
 - Microsoft
 - OSU
 - Oracle
 - SNL
 - U Alabama Birmingham
 - U Tennessee
 - U. Tokyo


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