[Mpi-forum] New Fortran bindings - Formal reading

William Gropp wgropp at illinois.edu
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In that case, I'd still do this in phases (for such extensive changes):

1) semi-official reading - intended to shake out any issues.
2) review by chapter committees, including working through any changes  
(which may include such things as adding rationales, as was  
recommended with the const proposal).
3) the formal reading, done as described below, but with a summary of  
the chapter committees
4) voting as usual.


On Jul 28, 2011, at 12:06 AM, RICHARD GRAHAM wrote:

> Good point - the issue I have with it, is given that number of  
> changes this has taken over the last several month, and the  
> increasing number of request for consideration coming before the  
> Forum, I would like to keep from asking the chapter committees to  
> review material, until we are rather sure that ideas are acceptable  
> to the forum, and implementation is essentially in the final form.   
> Maybe all that is required here is to use the term "formal reading"  
> in a much more conservative way that we have been doing, and really  
> reserve it for readings of material that has been well vetted with  
> the Forum.
> Rich
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> I agree with using a process that doesn't require reading each  
> individual change.  However, the chapter authors should also review  
> and agree; if they are not comfortable with Fortran, they need to  
> find someone (not already reading the changes) to whom they can  
> delegate the review.
> Bill
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> Subject: [Mpi-forum] New Fortran bindings - Formal reading
> Since the proposed changes to the Fortran bindings are extensive, we  
> would like to propose a different method of handing their formal  
> readings, so that people don’t have to sit through many hours of  
> reading.  Please let me know if there are objections to the proposal  
> by August the 5th if there are objections to this proposal, and you  
> would prefer to have the full forum go through the entire text  
> changes at the meeting.
> Here is the proposal:
>   Rolf will apply that changes, as required, to the standard, with  
> Jeff and, Craig reviewing the changes.  In addition, Hubert and Puri  
> will also review the changes as outside reviewers.  A second round  
> of changes and reviews will take place and complete by Sept the 4th,  
> in time to meet the 2-week time period to post the proposed  
> changes.  If others want to participate in the formal review, you  
> are more than welcome – just let either Rolf or me know.  At the  
> meeting in addition to the overview describing the changes, the  
> reviewers will report back to the entire forum on their findings.
> Please send it comments,
> Rich
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