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This all sounds reasonable. As far as I can recall,
it is what we agreed Wednesday morning of the last
Forum meeting, possibly with more definite locations
or some slightly different ones for some of the
specifics. My only request is that you let me know
when you have moved the minutiae, as I am sure you
would anyway. Thanks,


On Tue, 4 Jan 2011, Jeff Squyres wrote:

> Our SVN is, unfortunately, a mess.  Since there have been no guidelines, people have used different conventions over time.  Rather than detail the mess, I'd like to propose re-shuffling SVN to be the following (taken from my notes from the last Cisco/San Jose Forum meeting, along with some additional thought/analysis):
> 1. /tags will contain directories that are point-in-time releases of the MPI specification.
>   1a. Final releases will be directories of the form MPI-X.Y and MPIR-X.Y (and others, if the Forum agrees to other "blessed" documents, a la MPIR)
>   1b. Draft releases will be directories of the form MPI-X.Y-draft-mm-dd-yyyy.
>   1c. Directories will contain the latex sources and the final PS / PDF release documents.
> ==> Note that only MPI-2.2 and the Nov 2010 MPI-3.0 draft currently have accurate tags.  We'll try to re-create all prior tags (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1), but if we can't get the right latex versions, we'll just archive the officially released PS/PDF documents in /tags/<foo>.
> 2. /trunk will be renamed to "/approved" to reflect that it only contains text that has been voted into the spec.  Subdirectories will be:
>   - MPI-1: the last state of the MPI-1.x documents
>   - MPI-2.0: the MPI-2.0 doc (currently the /trunk/MPI-2 directory) (finished)
>   - MPI-2.1: the MPI-2.1 doc (finished)
>   - MPI-2.2: the MPI-2.2 doc (finished)
>   - MPI-3.0: the MPI-3.0 doc (work in progress)
>   - MPIR-1.0: the MPIR-1.0 doc (finished; currently in /trunk/MPI-3/wg/tools/mpir-specification)
> ==> Only the MPI document editors and chapter authors will have write permissions to the relevant portions of the /approved tree.
> ==> If the Tools WG wants it, we'll create MPIR-1.1.
> 3. A new /trunk will be created:
>   3a. /trunk/working-groups/mpi-3: a free-for-all; people can do whatever they want in there.  It is intended to be relevant for the entire MPI-3.x series.
>       ==> This is currently in the /trunk/MPI-3.0/wg tree
>   3b. /trunk/meetings: for storing attendance and voting worksheets and other miscellaneous meetings information
>       ==> This is currently the /trunk/meetings tree.
>   3c. /trunk/mpi-3.0-minutiae: closely track the /approved/MPI-3.0 tree, but accumulate lots of "little" changes (e.g., grammar and spelling fixes) that can eventually be ported back to /approved/MPI-3.0
>       ==> This is currently the /branches/MPI-3.0-2010-11-draft tree.  Bronis has accumulated some changes in there that he didn't want to lose.
> 4. The /branches tree will be deleted because:
>   4a. We're already not following the standard /trunk, /tags, /branches SVN nomenclature
>   4b. Its only directory will be moved to /trunk (i.e., it'll become /trunk/mpi-3.0-minutiae)
> Comments / thoughts?
> Note that if this email thread gets more than a few replies, I will invite people to a teleconf to discuss.
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