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Jeff Squyres jsquyres at cisco.com
Tue Jan 4 16:28:10 CST 2011

Our SVN is, unfortunately, a mess.  Since there have been no guidelines, people have used different conventions over time.  Rather than detail the mess, I'd like to propose re-shuffling SVN to be the following (taken from my notes from the last Cisco/San Jose Forum meeting, along with some additional thought/analysis):

1. /tags will contain directories that are point-in-time releases of the MPI specification.  
   1a. Final releases will be directories of the form MPI-X.Y and MPIR-X.Y (and others, if the Forum agrees to other "blessed" documents, a la MPIR)
   1b. Draft releases will be directories of the form MPI-X.Y-draft-mm-dd-yyyy.
   1c. Directories will contain the latex sources and the final PS / PDF release documents.

==> Note that only MPI-2.2 and the Nov 2010 MPI-3.0 draft currently have accurate tags.  We'll try to re-create all prior tags (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1), but if we can't get the right latex versions, we'll just archive the officially released PS/PDF documents in /tags/<foo>.

2. /trunk will be renamed to "/approved" to reflect that it only contains text that has been voted into the spec.  Subdirectories will be:
   - MPI-1: the last state of the MPI-1.x documents
   - MPI-2.0: the MPI-2.0 doc (currently the /trunk/MPI-2 directory) (finished)
   - MPI-2.1: the MPI-2.1 doc (finished)
   - MPI-2.2: the MPI-2.2 doc (finished)
   - MPI-3.0: the MPI-3.0 doc (work in progress)
   - MPIR-1.0: the MPIR-1.0 doc (finished; currently in /trunk/MPI-3/wg/tools/mpir-specification)

==> Only the MPI document editors and chapter authors will have write permissions to the relevant portions of the /approved tree.

==> If the Tools WG wants it, we'll create MPIR-1.1.

3. A new /trunk will be created:

   3a. /trunk/working-groups/mpi-3: a free-for-all; people can do whatever they want in there.  It is intended to be relevant for the entire MPI-3.x series.
       ==> This is currently in the /trunk/MPI-3.0/wg tree
   3b. /trunk/meetings: for storing attendance and voting worksheets and other miscellaneous meetings information
       ==> This is currently the /trunk/meetings tree.
   3c. /trunk/mpi-3.0-minutiae: closely track the /approved/MPI-3.0 tree, but accumulate lots of "little" changes (e.g., grammar and spelling fixes) that can eventually be ported back to /approved/MPI-3.0
       ==> This is currently the /branches/MPI-3.0-2010-11-draft tree.  Bronis has accumulated some changes in there that he didn't want to lose.

4. The /branches tree will be deleted because:
   4a. We're already not following the standard /trunk, /tags, /branches SVN nomenclature
   4b. Its only directory will be moved to /trunk (i.e., it'll become /trunk/mpi-3.0-minutiae)

Comments / thoughts?

Note that if this email thread gets more than a few replies, I will invite people to a teleconf to discuss.

Jeff Squyres
jsquyres at cisco.com
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