[Mpi-forum] Cleaning up the MPI Forum web site

William Gropp wgropp at illinois.edu
Fri Feb 4 10:49:38 CST 2011

On the CMS, I'm moving the files to Illinois, and I plan to use the  
standard system here (I'll know what that is in a day or two :) ).


On Feb 4, 2011, at 9:50 AM, Jeff Squyres wrote:

> On Feb 4, 2011, at 10:46 AM, William Gropp wrote:
>> The MPI Forum web site (www.mpi-forum.org) dates from the MPI-2  
>> effort and contains a lot of stuff that is of limited use (for  
>> example, the email archives for the MPI 2 process).  I'd like to  
>> clean up the web site (retaining copies of everything), limiting  
>> the web site to the documents, description of the Forum and  
>> processes, and pointers to the ongoing efforts.  My questions are
>> (1) Do you agree with removing (though retaining a copy) the  
>> archives from MPI-2.0.  Note that there are no MPI-1 archives, and  
>> the MPI-2.0 archives contain only the emails of some of the  
>> discussions.  I'd rather not include incomplete archives, and at  
>> this point, I don't think they have much value.
> Sounds good to me.
>> (2) I propose a minimal reformat of the page - nothing fancy, but a  
>> change. Is that ok, or should the pages stay the same?
> Is it worth moving to a CMS of some kind (e.g., Drupal)?  I don't  
> think we'd care about 90% of the features of a CMS -- i.e., the web  
> site can still be just as simple as it is now -- but it might be  
> nice to not have to worry about HTML, etc.
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