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+1 / good points.

Will you make a proposal about this?

On Dec 16, 2011, at 10:44 AM, Jeff Hammond wrote:

> Are MPI_Initialized and MPI_Query_thread guaranteed to be thread-safe
> by all implementations?  If these MPI calls cannot be made in a fully
> multithreaded context, how can a multithreaded library determine that
> it can make MPI calls in an unrestricted fashion, i.e. determine if
> MPI was initialized with MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE?  Must the multithreaded
> library mutex around these two MPI calls and assume that
> MPI_THREAD_SERIALIZED is always available?
> Can MPI_Is_thread_main be called from a thread that is not main when
> only MPI_THREAD_FUNNELED is supported?  I recall that the funneled
> mode stipulates that only the main thread can make MPI calls and there
> is no text excepting this routine from that constraint.
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