[Mpi-forum] May Registration

RICHARD GRAHAM rlgraham32 at msn.com
Wed Apr 27 22:33:15 CDT 2011

With all the network problems we have been experiencing, I need to check again about registrations for the next meeting.  When I asked a couple of weeks ago, about 15 people indicated they would come to the next meeting, but the registration data-base has much less folks than that.  If you had indicated that you would come, and have changed your mind (one person has already communicated with me) please let me know.  If you tried to register, and could not, please let me know.  If you plan to come, and have not registered, please do so at your earliest convenience - with all the trouble we are having, the people setting up the logistics for the meeting are on pins and needles. The main issue here is to make sure we have logistics setup for the right number of people.  

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