[Mpi-forum] automating building PDFs?

Fab Tillier ftillier at microsoft.com
Mon Apr 25 22:27:57 CDT 2011

Hi Folks,

Perhaps a bit of an odd request, but maybe other members would benefit from this...

Would anyone be able to setup a web form whereby I could specify an SVN branch, submit the form, and have it send me the build output/PDF?  If I could provide a patch file as input that would be ideal, as it would let me test my changes before checking them in.

I tried a LaTeX package for Windows but it failed to build the document because it only processed the tex files and didn't know how to generate the figures.  I haven't found a command line package that I can use that would support our makefile format.  This leaves me in the undesirable position of having to impose on other people to not only build PDFs for me, but suffer my LaTeX syntax errors too.


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