[Mpi-forum] Ticket approval policy

Terry Dontje terry.dontje at oracle.com
Tue Sep 28 10:45:32 CDT 2010

Richard Treumann wrote:
> Do Forum members accept the philosophical principle that any ticket 
> presented for a vote must stand on its own?  
> That is, a ticket should be rejected by the Forum if it requires the 
> passage of some pending ticket to be made reasonable.  The dependant 
>  ticket can be merged into the connected ticket before it is brought 
> to the Plenary session.
If you are saying a ticket can not be approved if other tickets that it 
depends upon have not been approved, then I agree.  I am not sure it is 
absolutely necessary or right to require the ticket to be merged into 
something it depends on.
> (Perhaps it can be clearly marked as "Approval of tickets x, y, z are 
> all prerequisites for voting this")
This sounds like good bookkeeping to make sure something doesn't slide 
by accidentally.


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