[Mpi-forum] Draft standard

Graham, Richard L. rlgraham at ornl.gov
Mon Nov 8 14:22:24 CST 2010

A lot of people have put in quite a bit of time over the last several weeks to get the first draft standard ready for release, so thanks all - this is VERY much appreciated.  The document is not perfect, but that will always be the case.  An issue with the lack of definition of the return status was discovered in the nonblocking collectives section.  Since this is a matter of specification, and not a simple wording this, a change for this will need to come through the full forum.

Trunk r689 is what I would like to put out as the draft standard.  Please, by Wed., 11/10/2010, get back to list with any show stoppers you may have spotted.  I am not posting the standard to the list to minimize possible confusion, as the document should not go out for public distribution until it is actually ready for public consumption.

Thanks again to all,

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