[Mpi-forum] Preparing draft standard

Graham, Richard L. rlgraham at ornl.gov
Tue Nov 2 10:35:56 CDT 2010

Just to clarify what has caused some confusion to people.  I am attaching a copy of the document that Bill presented at the last meeting, which generally describes the process we are trying to follow.  The trunk is what we release, and the only content that can go into that is what the forum has agreed to - with the exception that the front matter has not been updated at our last meeting, and needs to be update before we put out a public release.  This is being done now so that we can get the draft standard out before SC that includes the nonblocking collectives.  We will revisit this section in the forum.

We will talk about this again at the next meeting, and hope this time around things will be clear to all.

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