[Mpi-forum] Final version of cleaned up Chapter 5 (CollectiveOperations) including NBC

Jeff Squyres jsquyres at cisco.com
Thu May 27 08:06:21 CDT 2010

On May 16, 2010, at 2:23 AM, Torsten Hoefler wrote:

> The full standard-draft that we will vote on at the next meeting is in
> the svn and at http://www.unixer.de/sec/mpi-report.pdf .

CORRECTION: We will not be voting.  This will be the formal reading.

>From Rich's May 23rd email:

"NOTE:  We will have the formal reading of the mpi-3 version of the nonblocking collective operations.  The plan is have votes for the MPI-3 version of the standard on the following two meetings.  If an organization wants to participate in such a vote, a representative must be present for 2 of the last three meeting, including the meeting at which the vote is taking place.  I expect that for the rest of the MPI-3 standardization effort there will be official votes on the standard at most meetings."

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