[Mpi-forum] 2011 meetings

Bronis R. de Supinski bronis at llnl.gov
Thu Jul 8 09:08:56 CDT 2010

I am happy to go to Atlanta for personal reasons.
However, I also like Chicago and have no issues
with visiting it in the winter. And, I live in CA...

On Thu, 8 Jul 2010, Torsten Hoefler wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 08, 2010 at 06:37:05AM -0400, Rich L. Graham wrote:
>> We went to Atlanta in the winter to avoid Chicago that time of year.
> I never really understood this argument. We're not going on vacation and
> Microsoft has heating in their facility afaik.
>> If people are really against Atlanta - and I have only heard a small
>> number of people that are against it and know that there are several
>> in favor of it - we will just have Jan meeting in CA.  Last year most
>> people preferred Atlanta to going to CA 3 times in a row.
> I disagree to this. It's just a financial and balance question. It is a
> stretch to go to CA for some of us who need to stay in tight budgets.
> We should also take into account that the NSF funding will probably run
> out this year.
>> At this stage I will keep that meeting in Atlanta, unless more people
>> speak up.
> I think it is unreasonable to expect that a majority of the Forum will
> speak up via email (or even read this thread :-). It would be reasonable
> to do statistical sampling. I heard 4 people against Atlanta and 0 in
> favor so far. Speak up!
> All the Best,
>  Torsten
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