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Graham, Richard L. rlgraham at ornl.gov
Thu Jul 8 05:37:05 CDT 2010

We went to Atlanta in the winter to avoid Chicago that time of year.  If people are really against Atlanta - and I have only heard a small number of people that are against it and know that there are several in favor of it - we will just have Jan meeting in CA.  Last year most people preferred Atlanta to going to CA 3 times in a row.  At this stage I will keep that meeting in Atlanta, unless more people speak up.


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Just doing this based on the calendar, here is how the schedule would look:

 Jan 31 - Feb 2 - Atlanta

Why again did we want to meet in Atlanta? Most people didn't like the
location and we don't have a sponsor for meeting rooms there. It would
be good to move this meeting in Chicago (if the Microsoft facility is

I agree with Torsten - Atlanta is much more inconvenient than Chicago,
even from the Westcoast. Based on my experience last time, it is more
expensive to fly there and red eye/evening combinations (which work
nicely between SFO and ORD) are much harder to accomplish (in
particular when one tries to stay under $750 NSF funding).

I agree even though I wasn't at the last Atlanta meeting it is inconvenient for me to fly there.

March 28 - 30 - CA
 May 23 - 25 - Chicago
 July 18 - 20 - CA
 Sept - In conjunction with Euro MPI
Nov 9 - 11 - In conjunction with SC (may want to move this to late Oct)

I would propose more meetings in Chicago because it seems that more
folks are closer to Chicago (Argonne, IU, UIUC) than CA (Microsoft?,

You can add us to this list for west coast as well :)

West Coast trips are useful for us too.  Plus who really likes being in Chicago from November-March?


I would propose to go back to the original scheme of alternating between
Chicago and CA. This seemed to have worked well in the past.


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