[Mpi-forum] Integrating parallel and serial code

Michael Morrison mwmorrison93 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 16:05:36 CDT 2010

Hi All, I'm extremely new to MPI so forgive me if my question comes off as
silly. I've only been dabbling around with parallel computing for a few
weeks now but I'm wondering about the possibilities. So far with each
example that I've been through, I create an MPI application and then run
this application using the mpiexec command. What I'm wondering about is if
it would be possible to say have a C function that executes some algorithm
in a parallel manner that could be called by another C function. For example
suppose i had two C functions, the first called function A and the second
called function B. Function A is just a normal function that runs serially,
function B executes its algorithm parallelly using MPI constucts. Is it
possible to have a set up like this?

>From the examples I've seen it appears that the MPI code runs as standalone
units and couldn't be integrated with  serially executing code. Is this true
or is there someway to make this set up work? I may not have given enough
information to answer the question, if there's any confusion please ask and
i'll clarify.

Thanks for your time,

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