[Mpi-forum] Help for travelers to Helsinki

Quincey Koziol koziol at hdfgroup.org
Mon Aug 31 07:58:02 CDT 2009

Hi all,
	I've been talking to an HDF5 user in Helsinki and he's offered the  
following help for getting from the airport to the Radison SAS Royal  
hotel (below).  Hopefully some other MPI Forum members that are  
attending the Helsinki meeting will benefit from his information  
also.  :-)


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> From: Vesa Paatero <Vesa.Paatero at biolinscientific.com>
> Date: August 31, 2009 4:59:19 AM CDT
> To: 'Quincey Koziol' <koziol at hdfgroup.org>
> Subject: RE: HDF5 developer visit?
> Hi Quincey,
> Thanks for asking about the trip from airport. I suggest that you  
> take the bus number 615 (or 615T) from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport  
> to the central railway station (city center). That is easy, from the  
> first stop to the last stop of the route, buying a ticket from the  
> driver (less than 5 euros). The trip is about 20 kilometers. From  
> the central railway station, the hotel is something like 800 meters  
> to the west (or south-west-west). The tracks from the railway  
> station all go to the north (approximately)--from that you'll figure  
> where west is, even if the sun is behind clouds.
>    From the central railway station you can either walk or take the  
> underground train for just one stop (or take a taxi if exhausted by  
> luggage or any adverse circumstance). An orange letter "M" indicates  
> an entrance to the underground train area. The ticket you will have  
> bought for 615 should be valid for the underground trip (80 minutes  
> is the time of validity, I think). There are undergound trains going  
> east and west, so you should follow the word "Ruoholahteen" to get  
> to the U-train that goes westward (Ruoholahti is the name of the  
> last stop in that direction). This URL points to a map page that  
> shows the route from the central railway station by underground  
> train to the "Kamppi" station which is very close to the hotel:
> http://tinyurl.com/lut29w

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