[Mpi-comments] Status of the Async-proc-mgmt proposal

Maciej Szpindler m.szpindler at icm.edu.pl
Fri Oct 10 05:12:24 CDT 2014

Dear MPI-Forum,

I would like to ask about the status of the nonblocking process
creation mechanism (aka Async-proc-mgmt) which I have found on
the MPI Forum wiki pages. I am trying to implement dynamic resource
allocation for my research work and I was thinking about nonblocking
MPI_Comm_spawn counterpart. I have googled for "MPI_Icomm_spawn" and
found the proposal details.

I am curious if any further development exist. Is there any reference
implementation that might be usable? What does it mean in practice
that this proposal is dormant, would it be included in any predictable

I would appreciate any hints or comments on the nonblocking process
management with MPI.

Best Regards,
Maciej Szpindler

ICM, University of Warsaw

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