[Mpi-22] please review - add const keyword to the C bindings

Bronis R. de Supinski bronis at [hidden]
Sat Dec 6 12:25:23 CST 2008


> Pursuant to the discussion of #45 (send buffer access) that this #46
> depends upon, I would suggest to suspend the review until we clear
> situation around #45.

While it is within your rights to suggest that we "suspend
the review" of these items, I object to your timing. The
issues have already had a first vote. You can raise concerns
about them but I see no reason that we should cease to
make progress on the wording when the vast majority (I
don't recall if the vote was unanimous but it was not close)
have agreed to them.

Perhaps more importantly, your objections have been discussed
from the first that Erez brought up the issues. Frankly, I
have not seen anything in your objections that changes the
extensive discussion on these issues. While it may be that
you have changed your position (and Intel's?) on them, I
strongly doubt that others will be convinced.

In my opinion, Erez should definitely proceed with the
reviews. If you want to object to the solutions, you will
have an opportunity when the issues come up for their second
vote the week after next.


> Best regards.
> Alexander
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> To: MPI 2.2
> Subject: [Mpi-22] please review - add const keyword to the C bindings
> This proposal has passed 1st voting and needs reviewers.  We need 3 volunteers to sign-off on this proposal. The proposal is short so don't be intimidated.  :) plus I need the chapter authors to sign-off on the changes to the API (that the text is correct).
> Chapter Authors (it's less than a handful lines for each chapter)
> Chapter 3: Point-to-Point Communication
> Chapter 4: Datatypes
> Chapter 5: Collective Communication
> Chapter 6: Groups, Contexts, Communicators, and Caching
> Chapter 7: Process Topologies
> Chapter 8: MPI Environmental Management
> Chapter 9: The Info Object
> Chapter 10: Process Creation and Management
> Chapter 11: One-Sided Communication
> Chapter 13: I/O
> Chapter 15: Deprecated Functions
> Chapter 16: Language Bindings
> Please add a comment to the ticket saying that you reviewed the proposal, or please send me your comments.
> Add const Keyword to the C bindings: https://svn.mpi-forum.org/trac/mpi-forum-web/ticket/46
> Thanks,
> .Erez
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