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Dear Jeff,

Thanks. How can one see that status? All statuses I can see are in the Active tickets and other query reports are "new" and "assigned". What do I miss here? Should the queries be updated globally for everybody to see your changes, or is this a matter of each individual?

Next, how can I list all tickets that possibly await my review? I don't want to miss something just because I overlooked a request in my inbox. Filtering by the loosely formatted CC field may be tricky. Anyway, where is a description of the query mechanism for this ticket system?

Third, I hope the Forum is OK with people volunteering to review certain tickets even if they are not explicitly invited by the authors. The way to express this would probably be to add one's address to the CC list, as suggested earlier by you.

Finally, it may be helpful to bring all these "by-laws" in some system and write them down, so that everybody use the same conventions for similar actions.

Best regards.


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I have updated all of my tickets; I tried to pick reviewers who care  
about the particular topic, either because they commented on it,  
argued about it in Chicago, or otherwise are familiar with the topic.   
If I couldn't find names that fit any of those criteria, I tried to  
"spread the wealth" and pick random Forum attendee names.  Sorry (but  
some of my tickets are trivial text changes; it shouldn't take you  
long to review).  :-)

I also updated most of my tickets to the "waiting for reviews" status  
(some already had their first reading, because the "need 4 reviews"  
rule came in after they had their 1st reading already), so you can  
easily see what tickets are waiting.


On Dec 5, 2008, at 10:00 AM, William Gropp wrote:

> Our next MPI 2.2 discussion is in just over a week, and we have a  
> lot to do.  Please have a look at the wiki for the following (see https://svn.mpi-forum.org/trac/mpi-forum-web/report 
>  for the reports):
> 1) For your own tickets, make sure that they are up to date.  If  
> reviewers are needed, please contact them and encourage them to  
> submit their reviews.  If revised text is needed, please update the  
> text and if you would like early feedback, notify this list.
> 2) For items on which you are a reviewer (particularly MPI 2.1  
> chapter authors), please review the relevant tickets.  When you are  
> reviewing text, make sure that you are looking at the current MPI  
> 2.1 standard; check page and line numbers as well as the context to  
> ensure that the change is correct.
> 3) For other tickets, review them and raise any issues that you have  
> *now* so that we can start the discussion before our meeting.
> Thanks!
> Bill
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