[Mpi-22] please review - Send Buffer Access (ticket #45)

Erez Haba erezh at [hidden]
Fri Dec 5 16:17:48 CST 2008

I think that the idea is for the reviewers to check the text for any mistakes and compatibility with the existing text, rather than check for the validity of the proposal. The later as I recall is left for the MPI forum assembly.

As for your question, I'm sure that you can answer it yourself. :) If the memory is still also mapped to the original process (as with shared memory) that everything is fine. If the memory is removed from the original process, than the app will get an access-violation fault.
(if this system works on a page boundary, to take this action it needs to make sure that there are no other allocation on the same page)


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I'd like to review this proposal. Let's consider the following scenario:

- In the MPI_Isend, MPI maps the send buffer into the address space of the receiving process.
- In the matching MPI_Recv, the receiving process makes a copy of the mapped send buffer into the receive buffer.
- Once the copy is complete, the send buffer is mapped back into the sender address space during the wait/test call.

What will happen one tries to access the send buffer in between?

Best regards.


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Subject: [Mpi-22] please review - Send Buffer Access (ticket #45)
This proposal has passed 1st voting and needs reviewers.  We need 3 volunteers to sign-off on this proposal, plus the 3 chapter authors to sign-off on the text.

The Chapter Authors for

Chapter 3: Point-to-Point Communication
Chapter 5: Collective Communication
Chapter 11: One-Sided Communication

Please add a comment to the ticket saying that you reviewed the proposal, or please send me your comments.

Send Buffer Access: https://svn.mpi-forum.org/trac/mpi-forum-web/ticket/45



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