[Mpi-21] Review of MPI-2.1 combined document

Richard Treumann treumann at [hidden]
Wed Mar 5 09:36:40 CST 2008

Comments on Chapter 5 of the 2.1 MPI standard (Robert Blackmore & Dick

   Page 175, line 37-39 should be removed because it says there is no CC on
   Page 176, lines 1-6 also indicate there is no CC on intercommunicators
   page 177, line 10 indicate there is no CC on intercommunicators
   page 177, line 36 - should say MPI_INIT or MPI_INIT_THREAD
   page 178 line2 - Should say "Therefore, MPI_COMM_WORLD may
   simultaneously represent disjoint groups in different processes"
   page 186, line 19-22 - needs to be rephrased or removed. At least change
   "currenty apply" to "In MPI-1, applied"
   The last bullet at line 48  on page 200, "An inter-communicator cannot
   be used for collective communication"  should be removed.
   The comment in parenthesis at line 24 on page 203 should be deleted
   along with the line before it. These two sentences contradict the
   sentence at line 23.  (This conflict predates the merge and perhaps
   fixing this belongs to an erratta process - We do think it should be
   page 203, lines 38-42 are not consistent with how MPI-2 defined spawn.
   These lines should be removed
   Optionally, the description of MPI_Keyval_free should be moved to
   MPI_Comm_free_keyval and the routine MPI_Keyval_free function should
   refer to MPI_Comm_free_keyval description.
   Optionally, the description of MPI_Attr_put should be moved to
   MPI_Comm_set_attr and the routine MPI_Attr_put function should refer to
   MPI_Comm_set_attr description.
   Optionally, the description of MPI_Attr_get should be moved to
   MPI_Comm_get_attr and the routine MPI_Attr_get function should refer to
   MPI_Comm_get_attr description.
   Optionally, the description of MPI_Attr_delete should be moved to
   MPI_Comm_delete_attr and the routine MPI_Attr_delete function should
   refer to MPI_Comm_delete_attr description.
   On page 226 line 36, MPI_Keyval_create should be replaced by
   On page 226 line 47 MPI_Attr_get should be replaced by
   On page 227 line 22 MPI_Attr_put should be replaced by

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