[mpiwg-tools] Meeting reminder: March 10, 2022 (today)

Joseph Schuchart schuchart at icl.utk.edu
Thu Mar 10 09:29:18 CST 2022

Sorry I'm having a hard joining this meeting (conflict with two other 

Regarding #520: while implementing our PoC, we found that we probably 
need a new combiner type (see 5.1.13, MPI_TYPE_GET_ENVELOPE). The 
proposed pair types are neither named nor any of the general datatypes 
(they are special in that they are allowed for min/maxloc). I actually 
got the automatic generation of the min/maxloc code done but I am 
somewhat stuck in the nitty-griddy of OMPI's internal datatype handling. 
I will have to take another look at that at some point before the forum 
meeting. And as I said on the ticket, not having a guarantee that they 
resulting pair type can actually be used with min/maxloc makes this 
interface useless, IMHO. If we don't want to go as far as allowing 
arbitrary non-complex types for the index, I am fine with allowing a 
subset of index types.


On 3/10/22 10:13, Marc-André Hermanns via mpiwg-tools wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is a reminder of our regularly scheduled call today:
>     March 10, 2022 at 8 am Pacific / 11 am Eastern / 5pm CEST.
> Meeting Details (private repo):
> https://github.com/mpiwg-tools/mpi-standard/wiki/Meeting-Information
> **NOTE**: I created a new Zoom room for 2022. The info is updated on 
> the wiki page referenced above. If you need access, let me know.
> Agenda:
> -------
> - Tickets
>   - https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/542
>   - https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/520
>   - further tickets (if time permits)
> Cheers,
> Marc-Andre
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