[mpiwg-tools] question about MPI_T_EVENT_GET_INFO

Raffenetti, Kenneth J. raffenet at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Feb 10 15:48:08 CST 2021

Hi all,

In the latest mpi-4.0 RC pg 758, ln 16 describing MPI_T_EVENT_GET_INFO:

   If the argument to enumtype provided by the user is the MPI_T_ENUM_NULL pointer, no enumeration type is returned.

This differs from previous get info functions. E.g. MPI_T_PVAR_GET_INFO:

   ... or the argument enumtype is the null pointer, no enumeration type is returned.

IMO, the user providing MPI_T_ENUM_NULL to enumtype doesn't make sense. The user would pass a null pointer, as it is an output argument.


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