[mpiwg-tools] PMIx questions

rhc at open-mpi.org rhc at open-mpi.org
Sun Sep 25 22:40:58 CDT 2016

Hello folks

I appreciated the questions raised at last Thursday’s debugger meeting regarding PMIx. While I’m sure Kathryn will publish great notes, I thought I would try to address some of those questions on the PMIx web site. I also took the opportunity to update that site a bit to clarify the intended role of PMIx.

You can find the web site here: https://pmix.github.io/master

Further answers to the questions raised at the meeting can be found here: https://pmix.github.io/master/faq/

I will strive to continue updating the site over the coming weeks - the PMIx community is trying to polish it up a bit for Supercomputing, but implementation always takes priority :-)


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