[mpiwg-tools] Changes from Bordeaux to MPIR

Marc-Andre Hermanns hermanns at jara.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Oct 9 08:56:12 CDT 2015

Hi Jeff,

> I think Wesley and I didn't talk about this specific case, to be honest.
> (+Wesley)
> Wesley: got any good ideas here?  I.e., how does a working group
> manage a bunch of individual Forum tickets internally, and then
> push them up -- individually -- up to the main mpi-forum repo?
> I think it would be desirable for the working group to be able to
> make a PDF that represents all their collectively-agreed-upon PRs,
> but also be able to push those PRs individually up to the Forum
> (vs. pushing the entire union of all changes up to the Forum en
> masse).

I think it would be ok to pull something that passed the 2nd vote into
mpiwg-tools/mpir:mpir-1.x so new issues and branches can benefit from
the updated document/chapter.

So what about this workflow:

1. Member creates issue at mpiwg-tools/tools-issues

2. Member creates a branch off mpiwg-tools/mpir:mpir-1.x called


3. Member forks off mpiwg-tools/mpir (or rebases?)

4. Member makes changes to local fork and prepares a pull request from




5. If WG feels OK with the pull request, we accept it and create a
pull-request of




and schedule reading + votes. If anything fails, reiterate from (3),
if it passes, mpiwg-tools merges the pull-request and the the
"working-group copy" of the document reflects all accepted changes.

6. WG then creates another pull-request from the same branch against


so they can be integrated into the _official_ document as soon as
whoever is responsible for it is OK with it.

We could also have a branch


that collects _all_ ticket zero changes. This way, all the trivial
changes of missing commas etc. are in one pull-request and the others
can be done at a time.

What do you think?


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