[mpiwg-tools] Changes from Bordeaux to MPIR

Marc-Andre Hermanns hermanns at jara.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Oct 9 07:34:59 CDT 2015

Hi Jeff,

oops. Fingers were faster than my brain. :/

I deleted all the things that I did _not_ screw up in my first email a
minute ago.

>> It's common to make a new branch for every pull request that you file.
>> More specifically: it's a common Github newbie mistake to *not* make a separate branch for every PR.
> So I can create a new branch. Say:
> mpiwg-tools/mpir:issue_5_being_debugged
> and then have your pull request be funneled into that new branch
> instead of mpiwg-tools:mpir:mpir-1.x?

You basically already answered this below, sorry. So no, not possible. :-/

>> Consider: a PR is a request to pull in a bunch of commits to the
>> target branch.  How do you specify *which* commits that you want to
>> be pulled?  You make a branch.  *All* the commits on that branch --
>> i.e., all the commits from the point where the branch was made to
>> the tip of that branch -- are part of the PR.  Github is even smart
>> enough such that *if you change the branch while the PR is open,
>> the commits listed on the PR will automatically update*.  E.g., if
>> you add more commits.  Or you rebase.  Or you squash commits.  Or
>> rewrite the branch to have entirely new commits (vs. when you first
>> created the PR).  ...and so on.
>> Hence, the branch I made is in *my* fork of the mpir repo.  If/when
>> my PR is accepted (i.e., merged in), my commits will show up in the
>> mpir repo on the mpir-1.x branch.
>> Make sense?
> This is (I think what I want to prevent). I would like your changes to
> _not_ show up in the mpir-1.x branch, but rather in

this is how this sentence should have ended:

... mpiwg-tools/mpir:issue_5_being_debugged.

So then we directly have a branch that we can use for the pull request
against mpi-forum/mpir:mpir-1.x


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