[mpiwg-tools] Meeting reminder: 11/5/15

Kathryn Mohror kathryn at llnl.gov
Wed Nov 4 09:47:31 CST 2015

Hi all,

This is your friendly reminder of our meeting tomorrow 11/5 at 8:00 AM PST,
11:00 AM EST.  ***** If you are not in the US, please note that the US has
changed the time back 1 hour to Standard Time. Please check to see how this
matches up with your current time zone. *****

Here's the link to the webex session:

And the link to our meetings page for more information/meeting notes/etc:

 - Short items:
     - Errata item: Tools issue #4 (code example bug)
     - Being_debugged (Forum issue #5/Tools issue #3): double check it is
ready for reading
     - Ticket 0? (Forum issue #6/Tools issue #2): line numbers in MPIR
     - Do we have all of the old trac issues that are still relevant moved
over to github?
     - General Forum plans
 - Longer discussions (possible depending on time and attendance):
     - Support for threaded MPI implementations in debug interface
     - PMPI Replacement start up issues
     - multi-dimensional pvars (Tools issue #5)  

Talk to you soon!
Kathryn Mohror, kathryn at llnl.gov, http://scalability.llnl.gov/ 
Scalability Team @ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA,

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