[mpiwg-tools] Too strict for flags in MPI_T_pvar_get_info?

Junchao Zhang jczhang at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Aug 14 11:35:55 CDT 2014

It is a minor issue. In the Standard, the description for
   int MPI_T_pvar_get_info(..., int *readonly, int *continuous, int *atomic)
  Upon return, the argument readonly is set to zero if the variable can be
written or reset by the user. It is set to *one* if the variable can only
be read.
  (Same thing happens to continuous and atomic.)

The description mandates an implementation must return 1 as TRUE, which
does not follow C's convention. Other parts of MPI use true/false instead
of 1/0 in description.  Section 2.6.3 make it clear that true means

--Junchao Zhang
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