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Hi John, 

Thank you for the extensive feedback and help with the document! I'm sure you will get the 'nod' you referred to on page 1 :-)

For the definition of mqs_image, I agree that it needs work.  Dong Ahn also mentioned that it needed to be more rigorously defined. However if possible, I think it would be beneficial if we could at least start the conversation before next week so that we have a better chance of having it nailed down in advance of the next meeting.

So, that said -- does anyone want to take a first stab at a definition to get us started?


On May 21, 2013, at 2:18 PM, John DelSignore <John.DelSignore at roguewave.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Attached are my edits and comments on the MPI Message Queue document. Anh provided me with a Word document generated from the LaTex, so the formatting is funky in some places. I enabled change tracking in Word before making my edits, and I added many comments to the document in places where I think we have more work to do. Unfortunately, I think the changes might be somewhat extensive.
> The volume of edits and comments aside, I think Anh did a great job! The first draft of the document closely reflects the 10+ year-old description of the interface pretty well. Unfortunately, the original interface has some problem that we need to resolve, most critically, we have to resolve how to describe the concept of "mqs_image". We can talk about this during the next concall.
> Cheers, John D.
> Anh Vo wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> As mentioned on the tool WG call today, I’m re-sending the latest draft.
>> Feedbacks are appreciated. We’ll send this one out to the wider audience
>> on Tuesday 5/21 to meet the requirement for first reading in June
>> --Anh
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