[mpiwg-tools] Vector MPI_T reads

Marc-Andre Hermanns m.a.hermanns at grs-sim.de
Mon Dec 9 10:14:25 CST 2013

Hi Kathryn,

> Sorry for the delay on the agenda. Hopefully, this will reach you in
> enough time for planning on joining remotely.

As it turns out, I will very likely miss the first session. I'll arrive
at home at 22:40, which is close to the end of the session. :-/

I'll try to attend from 23:00 on for the second session.

I am particularly interested in ticket 383, the Fortran wrappers, and
the PMPI2 discussion.

Depending on the time frame and flexibility of your schedule, the
"beginning of the second session" for those items would be great, as it
might enable me to get off the meeting earlier and before 1 a.m. ;-)

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