[Mpi3-tools] Reviving old proposal: finding tools DLLs

Jeff Squyres jsquyres at cisco.com
Mon Feb 13 08:51:00 CST 2012

I would like to revive the following old proposal:


Digging a little in SVN, I found text supporting this proposal -- see section 1.5., "Locating Tool Interface Symbols", in the attached PDF (it was part of a larger "tools" chapter).

Does anyone remember the state that we left this proposal in?

1. The proposal, as it reads, looks fine to me.  But that's likely because I wrote it.  :-)  I don't remember if there was any substantive WG/Forum feedback on this proposal.  Do you?

2. Or did we let it go because we concentrated on the MPIR document first, and wanted to get that done before advancing this one?

3. ...?

Jeff Squyres
jsquyres at cisco.com
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