[Mpi3-tools] URGENT: feedback from first reading of MPIR

Supalov, Alexander alexander.supalov at intel.com
Fri Sep 17 04:29:24 CDT 2010

Thanks. The default value of the variable may also be an OS default.

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On Sep 16, 2010, at 6:23 PM, John DelSignore wrote:

> No, it doesn't have to be an IPv4 address. There is nothing that I know of in MPIR that excludes IPv6. The "host_name" field of the procdesc structure is a string pointer, so the string can resolve to an IPv4 or IPv6 address. And as it says in the document, on BProc systems, "host_name" is a BProc node number so the string is also open to interpretations other than just IP address.

Our emails crossed in the ether, but thankfully your reply supports the same conclusion I came to.  :-)

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