[Mpi3-tools] TelCon Monday 10/4 & Discussions at the MPI Forum

Marty Itzkowitz marty.itzkowitz at oracle.com
Mon Oct 4 09:37:14 CDT 2010

  Where's the concall information for today's call?


On 10/2/10 8:13 AM, Martin Schulz wrote:
> (resending due to email problems - sorry if you get this twice)
> Hi all,
> Our next MPI tools TelCon is scheduled for this Monday 10/4 at
> the usual time of 8am PDT, 11am EDT, 5pm MSZ.
> Unfortunately, due to a few deadlines and other events I wasn't
> able to finish the new draft for the MPIT interface, yet. Hence, I
> am proposing to move this discussion to the face-to-face meeting
> the following week in Chicago. We have a two hour WG session
> scheduled for Tuesday 10/12 at 9am CDT (one hour earlier than
> usual) and I have asked Rich for a phone line so people can
> call in if they want to.
> As for the TelCon, I would propose to still hold it, at least to touch
> base. If anyone wants to bring up a particular topic, please let
> me know. Otherwise, I would like to discuss which next steps we
> should take for this WG. With the MPIR document in the voting
> phase and MPIT on the home stretch (hopefully), we should look
> at which topic(s) we want to attack next and how.
> Here is a list of possible topics that come to mind:
> - MPIR-2
> - Documentation of the message queue interface
> - Documentation and/or standardization of other debugging
>  interfaces like handle query or collective completion query
> - Extended MPI_Pcontrol
> Also, the FT group is still looking at the idea of adding a
> piggyback layer, which is also interesting for tools.
> Please feel free to comment or add to the list.
> Thanks and talk to you all on Monday,
> Martin
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