[Mpi3-tools] Next WG meeting on 11/29 cancelled

Andreas Kuntze andreas.kuntze at rwth-aachen.de
Thu Nov 25 05:05:32 CST 2010

Hi Martin,

On Thursday 25 November 2010 08:58:32 Martin Schulz wrote:

> Due to SC and the holidays I will not have a new draft of MPIT
> ready by next Monday to discuss. Since there is, I believe, no
> other current topic, I am proposing to cancel the next meeting
> and get together during the next MPI forum meeting in December
> (then with a new MPIT draft).

can you tell me which big changes are expected to be included in the next 
draft? I wonder if it is reasonable to wait for the next draft or to keep my 
current implementation for my diploma thesis.



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