[Mpi3-tools] Current Version of the MPIR document

Ashley Pittman ashley at pittman.co.uk
Thu Jun 17 04:48:07 CDT 2010

On 17 Jun 2010, at 03:58, Martin Schulz wrote:

> Hi Greg,
> I (and I think most WG members) agree with you on most, if not all of the
> points. Nobody is happy with the interface as it is and would like to see
> something much better (incl. John from Totalview). However, this is how
> things are since they have been organically grown.

Indeed, I think chapter 1 of the document describes this quite well.

I have some more specific feedback about a few aspects of the document that I hope to send along later today or tomorrow.



Ashley Pittman, Bath, UK.

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