[Mpi3-tools] MPIT chapter review

Rajeev Thakur thakur at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Feb 7 10:02:27 CST 2010

> > From Marty Itzkowitz:
> >
> > I dislike the use of the feminine pronouns by default.  
> Either rewrite 
> > so that neither
> >   masculine nor feminine pronouns are needed, or always use "he or 
> > she",
> >   "his or her."
> I personally don't have a big opinion here, but the rest of 
> the MPI standard is written that way and I think we need to 
> be consistent with it (unless we want to suggest global 
> changes). In fact, in most cases the feminine versions are 
> straight copies of text used in the MPI 2.2 standard.

Looks like it is only in the profiling interface (PMPI), and it is has
been there since MPI 1.0.


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