[Mpi3-tools] Quick Summary from 12/8 meeting & Agenda for 12/13 meeting

Martin Schulz schulzm at llnl.gov
Thu Dec 9 03:03:35 CST 2010

Hi all,

The tools WG met yesterday at the MPI forum in San Jose and
we went over the MPIT document. We covered the text up to
including 1.2.3. I will add the changes we discussed to the
document in the next few days and I will post it on the wiki.

We also went through the new category interface proposed
by Dave (Section 1.2.6). Dave will update this section as well
and we will include it in one of the next drafts.

At the next TelCon on 12/13 we will pick up where we left
off in San Jose and discuss 1.2.4, the control variables
section. In particular, this section contains the new handle
interface that allows the user to tie a variable to a particular
dynamic instance of a MPI resource, e.g., a communicator.
This is intended to avoid that an MPIT implementation that
wants to have variables for each instance of an MPI resource,
e.g., for each communicator, has to create a separate 
variable every time communicator is created.

The text for this part is still a rough draft and hence any
suggestions are more than welcome. Before going too much 
into the textual details, I would like to get some feedback on 
the concept itself and whether this solves the problems we
discussed in the last TelCons.

Please note that sections 1.2.5 and 1.2.7 are not yet edited.
I will wait until we are done with 1.2.4, since much of the
text will be copy and paste.

Talk to you next Monday,


Martin Schulz, schulzm at llnl.gov, http://people.llnl.gov/schulzm
CASC @ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, USA

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