[Mpi3-tools] MPIR_PROCDESC

David Lecomber david at allinea.com
Mon Aug 9 10:35:34 CDT 2010

Hi Jeff and all, 

We just noticed that Open MPI doesn't strictly meet the MPIR_PROCDESC
requirement: it must just due to our forgiving natures that both TTV and
DDT work with it ;-)  

    char *host_name;        /* something that can be passed to inet_addr
    char *executable_name;  /* name of binary */
    int pid;                /* process pid */

Compare and contrast to John's MPIR doc:

typedef struct {
    char *host_name;
    char *executable_name;
    int pid;

and ..

> [..]
> MPIR_PROCDESC is a typedef name for an anonymous structure that holds process descriptor
> information for a single MPI process. The structure must contain three members with the same
> names and types as specified above. [..]

Ok, tell me I'm being pedantic ;)  -- the MPIR_PROCDESC in OMPI is not a
typedef to an anonymous structure - it is actually a struct - a named
structure type.  Does the spec need relaxing, or is this a 'bug'?

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