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Dan Holmes danholmes at chi.scot
Tue Aug 17 10:52:42 CDT 2021

Hi Howard,

I’ve updated all four issue/PR pairs. I added either the Errata label or the Suggested Ticket 0 label, as I felt appropriate. I added reviews for the PRs and milestones for the issues. I modified the description of a couple of the issues to match the template.

Once the review comments are taken care of, the ones with PRs are ready for reading announcements.

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> On 16 Aug 2021, at 15:57, Pritchard Jr., Howard via mpiwg-sessions <mpiwg-sessions at lists.mpi-forum.org> wrote:
> HI All,
> We’ll meet today to make progress on several Sessions topics:
> Resume discussion of Joseph and Dan’s diagrams and possible API functionality based off discussion of these diagrams: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_l_Rxe9Q=/ <https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_l_Rxe9Q=/>
> Issues and PRs for MPI 4.1
> https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/618 <https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/618>  and related issue  https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/434 <https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/434>
> https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/610 <https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/610> and https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/511 <https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/511>
> https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/514 <https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/514> and https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/617 <https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/617>
> Also discuss https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/478 <https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/478> I have found a few places that may need text changes (this can wait as we are targeting December meeting for changes pertaining to this issue).
> For the MPI 4.1 items we will prioritize discussion based on need to prepare for the upcoming September voting meeting.
> Thanks,
> Howard
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