[mpiwg-sessions] may not have a webex today

Pritchard Jr., Howard howardp at lanl.gov
Tue Jan 7 09:00:52 CST 2020

HI Dan,

I’ll give the squashing exercise a shot this week.


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Hi Howard (et al),

I was not planning on meeting today but good catch regarding the Webex - JeffS usually only sets them up for the rest of a calendar year from the time of the request.

One item to add to the agenda is Pythonisation and Embiggenment(tm) of the new bindings and re-applying the bindings changes in the chunks of mpi-4.x text that sessions moves from other chapters. This is “just” merge-conflict resolution but it is going to involve a far-from-trivial amount of effort.

We should also consider/attempt squashing all our commits into one (or, at most, a few) to neaten the history when it gets merged into the mainstream canonical repo. This will need non-trivial git-fu skillz.

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Hi Sessions folks,

We need to get an updated webex from Jeff Squyres.   Not sure he will be able to get to it this morning.
If we can’t meet today, we should definitely try for next week.  Items I’d like to discuss are

·         Upcoming Forum meeting  preparations if any

·         Projects to demonstrate capabilities of sessions

·         Update on the Open MPI based prototype (Howard0



Howard Pritchard
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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