[mpiwg-sessions] 4 PRs open now for sessions

Pritchard Jr., Howard howardp at lanl.gov
Mon Sep 3 15:25:43 CDT 2018

Hi Dan,

Four PRs open now for Sessions:

  *   changes to chapters 6 and 8
  *   switch to “pset” notation in chapter 10, introduce MPI info like query for process set names.
  *   add an example to chapter 10 (haven’t verified it compiles yet)
  *   update chapter 6 with MPI_GROUP _FROM _SESSION _PSET (I didn’t like the name in the slide deck) and some verbiage changes at the beginning of group constructor section

These changes don’t include corresponding change log entries.  I was hoping you could do that as part of a grand merge of all these separate PRs into the big one for the Forum.

I am going through the standard in general looking for places that need to be modified in light of the Peer to Peer model.

I’d say for purposes of expediting, you go ahead and make changes to the current 4 PRs as you see fit as your merge them into the final PR.

Note Tuesday morning between 5 and 7 PM your time I’ll be behind the fence and won’t have cell contact, may have email but don’t count on it.  Wednesday morning
I’ll again be behind the fence between 5 and 7 PM your time, so same story as far as reachability.


Howard Pritchard
B Schedule
Office 9, 2nd floor Research Park
TA-03, Building 4200, Room 203
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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