[mpiwg-sessions] PMIx Group status update

Ralph H Castain rhc at open-mpi.org
Wed Aug 29 13:29:28 CDT 2018

Hi folks

I promised on the last call to keep people apprised of my progress. I have implemented the collective versions of the new APIs (PMIx_Group_construct/destruct) and have updated the PMIx_Fence operation to look for group names, substituting the group members into the array of participants. This all appears to be working correctly.

The PR for it is here: https://github.com/pmix/pmix/pull/826
or the branch itself: https://github.com/rhc54/pmix-master/tree/topic/group

You can see an example use of the code here: https://github.com/rhc54/pmix-master/blob/topic/group/examples/group.c

I’m now working on the async APIs (PMIx_Group_invite/join) - I have them mostly implemented, but need to debug.

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