[mpiwg-sessions] will be on a plane today - and some observations

Pritchard Jr., Howard howardp at lanl.gov
Mon Aug 20 09:55:45 CDT 2018

HI Folks,

I’ll be on a plane at 11 AM MDT today so will not be able to call in.

I tried running the tests Dan had added/modified  and observed
what he did, that one can’t allow more than one outstanding
accept/connect going on at a time or Open MPI’s ORTE gets confused.
I reduced this down to a simpler test which hangs with only 3 ranks
and am narrowing down what the issue is.

I’ll be opening a PR with changes to chapter 8 of the standard and
replacement for MPI_Get_Set_Names later this week.


Howard Pritchard
B Schedule
Office 9, 2nd floor Research Park
TA-03, Building 4200, Room 203
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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