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HI Dan,

11 AM US C(D/S)T Mondays works for me too.


Howard Pritchard
B Schedule
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Hi Dan,

Yes, I can do that

Thanks for pushing this!


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Hi all,

** Response requested **

It’s official - the MPI Forum is moving too slowly and we are going to do something about it!

There were a couple of things discussed at the face to face last week in a plenary with the intention to speed up progress in the forum, particularly with large topics (fault tolerance, sessions, endpoints, etc.). If you weren't present, I'd highly recommend flipping through the presentation:
And the notes:

Meeting frequency

The item most relevant to this group is meeting frequency. It was suggested that WGs should increase their meeting frequency to weekly meetings in order to not lose all of our progress between meetings. So, I propose that we meet every week starting from next week, rather than every other week.

Meeting time

There are some new people that want to take part in this working group but who cannot make the normally scheduled time. I want to try to re-schedule the regular meeting to include these new folks. I’m going to propose that we just move the meetings 1 hour earlier because that resolves the conflicts that I know about. That means the regular meeting time would be 11am Central US every Monday.

** Please respond to this email with a “yes, I can do that” or “no, I’d like to join but I can’t do that time” depending on you schedule. **

Meeting technology

You those new folk, we use Webex to facilitate teleconference and screen-sharing functionality. Once the new time has been decided I’ll re-organise the meeting and send out a reCAPTCHA-protected URL that shows the connection details.

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