[mpiwg-sessions] Multiple MPI implementations in a single process - Application composition

Vallee, Geoffroy R. valleegr at ornl.gov
Wed Aug 9 13:58:19 CDT 2017

My point was absolutely not to say that it cannot be done one way or another (I actually use Hobbes enclaves and DTK to do this right now). I have been asked to mail this use case to the mailing list since the point was raised during the last MPI forum meeting that MPI sessions could be used for application composition, and I did so.

>You can probably do this today with wi4mpi ( 
>https://github.com/cea-hpc/wi4mpi). Jeff On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 7:58 AM, Vallee, Geoffroy R. <valleegr at ornl.gov> wrote: > Hi, 
>> To follow up on a discussion we had a few weeks ago, here is a brief 
>> description of a use case where multiple implementations of MPI could be 
>> used by a single process. This is more an illustration of the idea rather 
>> than a detailed description of a model. 
>> Let’s assume we are composing a multi-physics applications where each 
>> kernel, that has been developed separately, is an MPI application and 
>> requires a specific implementation of MPI (e.g., it requires a customized 
>> flavor of Trilinos, ultimately creating a dependency to OpenMPI). Let’s 
>> also assume that a composition library is based MPI sessions and rely on a 
>> specific implementation of MPI. It is then possible to compose the 
>> multi-physics application by coupling the two MPI codes with the 
>> composition library, the two MPI implementations being potentially 
>> different, in which case a single process is, in fact, using two different 
>> MPI implementations. 
>> Let me know if you have any question. 
>> Thanks, 
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