[mpiwg-sessions] Multiple MPI implementations in a single process - Application composition

Vallee, Geoffroy R. valleegr at ornl.gov
Wed Aug 9 09:58:02 CDT 2017


To follow up on a discussion we had a few weeks ago, here is a brief description of a use case where multiple implementations of MPI could be used by a single process. This is more an illustration of the idea rather than a detailed description of a model.

Let’s assume we are composing a multi-physics applications where each kernel, that has been developed separately, is an MPI application and requires a specific implementation of MPI (e.g., it requires a customized flavor of Trilinos, ultimately creating a dependency to OpenMPI). Let’s also assume that a composition library is based MPI sessions and rely on a specific implementation of MPI. It is then possible to compose the multi-physics application by coupling the two MPI codes with the composition library, the two MPI implementations being potentially different, in which case a single process is, in fact, using two different MPI implementations.

Let me know if you have any question.


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