[mpiwg-sessions] a sessions cheat sheet wiki

Pritchard Jr., Howard howardp at lanl.gov
Wed Aug 2 15:14:24 CDT 2017

Hi Folks

I find the power point slide deck we had been using for discussing some of the Sessions
ideas a bit cumbersome.    As a step toward something lighter weight, I came up with a
“Sessions cheat sheet” wiki that summarizes part of the API extensions being proposed.
The process spawn and implicit init/finalize are not covered.

Anyway, the wiki is at https://github.com/mpiwg-sessions/sessions-issues/wiki/sessions_cheat_sheet.

Please feel free to adjust/correct if I got something wrong from the slides.

Next week I’ll try to sync up the "Current Issues and problems” wiki with the slide deck.


Howard Pritchard
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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