[mpiwg-rma] MPI RMA WG 2022 Poll

Joseph Schuchart schuchart at icl.utk.edu
Wed Jan 12 17:07:41 CST 2022


Thanks to those who have filled out the poll already. If you haven't 
done so already, please do so before the end of Friday this week.

It already seems to be tricky to find a slot that fits everyone. Our 
best options seem to be Monday 11am EST (missing Bill) or Wednesday 11am 
EST (missing Nathan). Let's see if we can get more votes...


On 12/31/21 6:22 PM, Joseph Schuchart wrote:
> Dear all,
> Happy New Year everyone! With the new year, I would like to see 
> whether we can find a different slot for the bi-weekly meeting that 
> works better for those calling in from Europe. I have created a new 
> doodle poll:
> https://doodle.com/poll/maf44rxd2hx8wf5f
> Please add your availability soon. The dates are placeholders, I'm 
> still planing to meet every two weeks (weekly if we find it necessary 
> at some point). If either odd or even weeks work better for you for 
> some slots, please leave a comment or send me an email. We haven't had 
> any participants from the US West Coast so I added some earlier slots, 
> ranging from 9am US Central / 10am Eastern / 4pm CET thru 1pm US 
> Central / 2pm Easter / 8pm CET (I hope we can find a slot in the 
> earlier hours). I have left out the Wednesday slots for the Hybrid WG 
> and the MPI Forum meeting, to avoid creating conflicts.
> Looking forward to resuming the meetings after the break!
> Joseph

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