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Mark Hoemmen mark.hoemmen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 00:26:02 CDT 2018

I’m sorry to have missed this — I’m very much interested in C++ binding and
interoperability issues.  I know Jeff at least is involved in our weekly
C++ heterogeneity phone meetings — we’re trying to move the Standard to
support multiple memory spaces in a sane way, and I think it helps to have
RDMA represented there as well.  We’ve also thought a bit about wrapping
MPI RDMA in Kokkos, and about making the mdspan proposal flexible enough
that we could perhaps support RDMA with it as  well. The most interesting
bit might be actually introducing semantics for noncoherent shared memory
into the Standard — I think we want to go there eventually but it is really
hard, and I think y’all are well equipped to help.

Mark Hoemmen

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> All,
> We are restarting the RMA WG telecons.    A subset of the following
> proposals will be discussed during this call.
> - Interoperability of MPI shared memory with C11, C++11 language
> semantics.  Lead: Bill Gropp
> - MPI Generalized atomics.  Lead: Pavan Balaji
> - Neighborhood communication in RMA.  Lead: Nathan Hjelm
> - Nonblocking RMA synchronization.  Lead: Pavan Balaji
> - RMA Notify.  Leads: Jim and Torsten
> - MPI_IN_PLACE semantics for collectives on shared memory.  Lead: Pavan
> Balaji
> - Relax constraints on MPI_WIN_SHARED_QUERY.  Lead: Jeff Hammond
> - <Unnamed proposal>.  Lead: Nathan
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