[mpiwg-rma] RMA WG Telecon

Balaji, Pavan balaji at anl.gov
Mon Sep 10 14:21:17 CDT 2018


We are restarting the RMA WG telecons.    A subset of the following proposals will be discussed during this call.

- Interoperability of MPI shared memory with C11, C++11 language semantics.  Lead: Bill Gropp
- MPI Generalized atomics.  Lead: Pavan Balaji
- Neighborhood communication in RMA.  Lead: Nathan Hjelm
- Nonblocking RMA synchronization.  Lead: Pavan Balaji
- RMA Notify.  Leads: Jim and Torsten
- MPI_IN_PLACE semantics for collectives on shared memory.  Lead: Pavan Balaji
- Relax constraints on MPI_WIN_SHARED_QUERY.  Lead: Jeff Hammond
- <Unnamed proposal>.  Lead: Nathan Hjelm
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